Who We Are

Who We Are

In domestic market. Instead of targeting high account turnover, we prefer to be a great company earning our clients' trust, as an expert on the cutting edge of communication strategy and media management, and as an influencer of successful businesses.

Our expertise includes: strategy communications, integrated marketing communications, corporate reputation management, corporate identity and corporate positioning. Our notable achievements in these areas give us confidence in our ability to become one of the top professional agencies in the PR field.  Our breadth of service, proven track record, and our global reach are what set us apart.

For years we have been following global best practices in serving local mature leading enterprises and innovative MNCs, and playing a significant part at critical points in the evolution of our client enterprises. This has led to a growing list of satisfied clients, and our growing reputation for excellence.


2008: “The best domestic PR agency” - annual Marketing Gala Ceremony hosted by CCTV, Marketing & Sales magazine and PKU Business Review.

From 2004 to 2010: “The 3th, 4th, 6th China’s Best Brand-building Case Evaluation” – domestic Brand Management Forum hosted by Interbrand and 21st century business herald .


"The nature of business is freedom seeking rather than wealth accumulation"

Philosopher Benedict de Spinoza once said: freedom is the comprehension of nature law. Apparently, this line of profound thinking applies in business field as well. Undeniably, the more we comprehend rules in business area, the better opportunities we have to pitch and secure business chances and to best utilize business resources according to those rules, and ultimately, on the basis of “finance-free”, to achieve individual freedom and the societal freedom in a broader sense.

In this highly globalized and business oriented era, those who are equipped with sufficient resources and who understand well the rules are given the larger territory of freedom. Correspondingly, they become the deeper pocket, the technology pioneer, the excellent team, and also the vanguard of mature business model. Meanwhile, by employing at ease the resources, information, methods, and rules, they themselves grow up to be an inalienable part of the rule, which not only stuns emerging companies but also inhibits the creativity of those big dogs who therefore can hardly go beyond what they have already achieved and accomplished.

When the global “New Order” is being unanimously catered to in this business world as a whole, however, we have been pleased witnessing a full range of business miracles of many emerging enterprises, who grow big starting from scratch or challenge those industry giants when they are still young, and also miracles of big companies, who persistently aspire to break the status quo and strive for perfection. Undoubtedly, it is for their presence that social resources are becoming more and more optimized, and wisdom, creativity, and pro-activity are turning out to be part of common business practice. In this regard, rules are put apart, and business develops into not solely vehicles for profit making but more importantly, a great profession of freedom seeking in a general sense.
We are willing to be the advocator and promoter for this profession. We believe that patience, persistence, and creativity will bring about new blood to the business world. At the same time, it is expected that through the professional supporting service offerings we provide, more opportunities will be presented for emerging enterprises to make the impossible possible, and big companies may turn back to their childhood and recapture the energy and aspiration to keep steering in the right direction whatever adversities are confronted and to realize the constant innovation of business strategies, tactics and solutions.

We are fully committed to align your business with the sublime social ideal and to make your fortune and belief the spring of inspiration, for which, those who crave for breakthrough, who seek for freedom, and who devote themselves to social contributions will be enormously encouraged and be assured that they are never alone.